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  • Previously Unreleased Demo!

    Never before released demo version of "If the Spirits Are Killing," a song intended for Let the Dead Bury the Dead that didn't end up making the album. The Zeps solo rips! It's the thrashiest Burn It Down song ever written. It's the only Burn It Down song to ever say "Burn It Down" in the lyrics. There's also (one of many) tributes to Celtic Frost embedded in this track. The entire album was demoed at Funhouse Studios in Indianapolis with engineer Larry DeMyer before the band headed to Eudora, Kansas to make the record with producer Ed Rose. The same lineup as the Trustkill split and the full-length: Ryan Downey (vocals), John Zeps (guitars), Jason McCash (bass), Brian "Bob" Fouts (drums). The song's title is a nod to Endpoint.